Saturday, November 26, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about my writing routines in the past few years, and what I could have done better.

I have always assumed most of my struggle with maintaining a good routine was self-discipline.  As I have been painting my writing space this holiday weekend, I have spent quite a few hours thinking about this. 

I have decided that my work schedule, my domestic obligations, and my television addictions are only small factors. 

The real obstacle in my way? 

Finding time to read, and be online. The one or two people reading this probably just rolled your eyes. :) 

How many times have we heard this?

Well, here is my take on it:

 If I am spending copious amounts of time writing about mentally unstable killers and the troubled protagonists they are clashing with, while listening to semi-depressive music to maintain the proper tone and frame of mind, I NEED the reading, and online aspects to keep me grounded. 

I love my characters, but sometimes they are really exhausting and can burn me out.  I can't always see the ending through the obstacles, and I do need to refill the well often during the composition phase. 

I have been reading the blogs of other authors, and reading newer works, rather than re-reading the classics that I used to stick with.  I have enjoyed the silliness of the twitter feeds and the encouragement of people I admire.

All of these things have make a big difference in the enjoyment I get out of writing.  It is a lonely path, writing a novel.  But, I think the Internet has taken a large amount of that off our shoulders. 

Thank you, Internet. :)

Good talk.

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