Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bonus post (Scrivener)

So, here’s a quick and dirty on the Software layout:


Above is the composition screen, this is one of my chapters, on the left shows quick links to all of my chapters, research, and character notes, etc… on the right is a brief description of chapter (top) and the lower right is notes on either the chapter, or story as a whole (you can toggle this).

Above is the main manuscript board (it is above all of the chapters on the far left menu, so it shows as the root folder). you can label each card as a scene, chapter, or what ever you like really. :) Again, far right is overall story notes. these cards are actually links to each chapter, double click and it will take you straight there.  Its basically a way to step out of your story and look at it from a different angle for a while. great for filling in holes or braistorming/outlining. :)


Above, is the root folder/cork board for characters. same operations as the manuscript cork board.  I love this.

And when you double click on a character card from the cork board you get that characters complete profile, and you can link this to any chapter with that character, or link any chapter/or research file to this profile.  the sky is the limit!

So there you have it... the low down on my new favorite software. :)
Also, I should point out that is does tell you the word count for each document/chapter, as well as the total for the work and still keeps it all nicely separate. (great plus!) 

For a trial download of Scrivener, click here.

Happy Tuesday!!

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