Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creative Treasures…

Sorry I’m a day late with this post, friends.  The writing must come first. (I knew you’d understand.)

I wanted to take a moment and do a brief blog about the tools and works that are invaluable to my writing process.

These are the comforts of life. :) What author/blogger doesn’t love goodies, reviews and downloads?  These are real finds to us Creatives.

Click on the names to follow the links to my treasures! *they will open in new windows*

First, and most important: COFFEE.  (duh)

On my beloved notebook, (Samsung with Windows 7, if you were curious) I have my new fling, Scrivener *LOVE* that I must say, I heard about through, but tried after reading Rachel Aaron’s genius blog Pretentious Title.

Also found on my Laptop, Nuance Dragon speech to text software, for use when I am going to fast to type, or am just not in the mood to type, but want to think out loud.  I adore this technology!  It serves me best for brainstorming.  If the scene is fully formed in my head, I prefer the close connection that I get from typing it myself, but if I have some long hand notes and I just want to expound and brainstorm off that, Dragon is pure GOLD!  Triples workflow efficiency and I have accomplished many a 10k day simply due to this magical software.

Next on my must haves list is Evernote.  I have this installed on my cell, tablet, and Laptop and it instantly synchronizes all of my writing files, character pictures, and audio dictation (on its own recording device, which stores the audio note right in the file).  This tool has saved me a lot of time in finding things.  I am that scattered writer that has too many balls in the air and I lose things, or forget things pretty easily.  I have my very best ideas on I-270 just as I’m getting off at my exit on the way to my office, I don’t have time to boot up my laptop or stop and write everything down. *I’m a busy girl* so I push a button on my cell, and say my idea.  Its waiting for me on my laptop ready to be torn apart by lunchtime. :)

For inspiration: the blogs of Writing Excuses (all aspiring writers need to listen to this audio podcast, the lessons here are amazing!), The Serial Killer Files, and (as above) Pretentious Title, along with The Paperback Writer, and John Brown are all invaluable tools to get me excited about my craft!  These blogs are TREASURES! Way better than any book about writing (save one: Stephen King’s ON WRITING, is a MUST HAVE!) :) *really*

And last, but not least: Windows Live Writer. This software lets me slam out a blog post in record time from my desktop. *sweet*

Oh, and I almost forgot, a fun online writers group: , I have met some amazing writing talent there! (set up in a myspace style format rather than forum)

I have had the busiest two weeks ever, and I have come to realize that with out the wonderful efforts of all the people who designed and brought to life these technologies and bodies of work, my writing would not be as far as it is, nor would I enjoy it as much. 

Thank you all! :)

What creative treasures can you not live without? Do share!  *I love goodies!*


  1. So you're loving Scrivener? Are you using it with a PC? Tell me more please! :)

    1. yeah, its super organized, I have a windows 7 pc and it has sub folders and index views, pictures, research linking and file cross linking... its unreal how cool it is. You can organize your story any way you like and when your ready to print, it collates it all together for you! :)



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