Saturday, February 11, 2012

Minor setbacks...

Heads up friends, this is a long one...

So, I've have some minor set backs this week, as today's header implies.  All my Twitter friends know most of this blah stuff, for I find that I whine of a semi-regular basis (sorry you guys, I'm working on it, I swear!)


First, I have been using Scrivener for just over a month now, (loving it! SO good for an organization junkie with time management issues!!) and had decided to spend the money to purchase the full edition when my free trial expired. I even spent the extra for the CD, that is how sure I was of my future with Scrivener.
So I put in my specs, get my registration number and name by email, enter everything precisely as instructed by the automated email-bot, and get this:

  Saturday - Monday - outline wordcount 9,082
... not once, but three times.  So I follow the little FAQ link, troubleshoot it out... nothin.  I troubleshoot a tad more... still nothing.  (sorry Scrivener, but that happened *I still love you*)

So, I send an email, and am sad because my WIP is all organized and pretty on my expired Scrivener Desktop and all I want is to spend some quality time with her!!! *ahem*

Not an hour after I sent that "help me I'm in dire straights!" email, do I get a walk through email from a knight in [I assume shining] armour, David, with Scrivener Tech Support/Sales Dept. 

After a few email back and forths (which he kept up with my problem and resolved promptly) I finally over came that minor setback... this was Saturday - Monday.

As a result of my Scrivener drama, however, I was in the mood to write longhand for that period of time that my computer and software weren't speaking to each other.  (and Word and I haven't been on speaking terms since NaNoWriMo, so...)

I sat in my big comfy lounge chair, next to my desk, instead of at it, hoping for a little change of pace.

I outlined several pages with my favorite pen on my favorite brand of yellow legal paper... It was so fun, and  productive! I finished the outline for the entire novel and had notes for the second book! 

When I was finished, I took my fresh pages and tore them off the legal pad, tucking them between the blank pages near the bottom of the pad so they wouldn't get wrinkly. (I don't know why I do that, I just always do.)

Which brings us to set back number two..

    Thursday - outline word count 207

I was at work, having a smashingly terrible day, but I was okay with it, because I had finished my outline and was so excited to get home and write the scene with the search warrant and the introduction of my new character, (the one that makes the story actually work!) when I get a phone call on my lunch break... it went something like this:

Nate: "hey, hunny?  were those yellow pages important?"

Me: "what yellow pa....   why????"

Nate: "well, there are yellow pages with your hand writing..."

Me: "okay....."

Nate: "Ollie ate them."

Me: *dies*

Nate: "Hello?"

Yeah.... that happened.

Bare in mind, friends that these pages were still tucked in the back of the legal pad, on a clip board, on a high counter, with a sweat shirt that I'm sure would have tasted much better right on top of them. *I'm calm*   but nnnooooooooooo....

also Thursday -  outline word count 207
However, as my Tweep, (and literary genius) @JB_Lynn_author put it: he looks satisfied, so it appears to be a satisfying story... (she is clearly a glass-half-full kind o gal! *thanks* ;)

So I picked my self up by the boot straps, and said, "Self! Tomorrow is a new day! You shall re-write your outline when you get home from work!"  I had a fairly light work load Friday, so I was hoping to leave the office a little earlier than usual...

    Friday  - outline word count 498
*heehee* hello two hour traffic jam!  where you been hidin? ;)

 this nervous breakdown has been brought to you by Blogger. *Lol* Sometimes you just gotta laugh it all off... it really is kinda funny when you put it all together like that.


  1. Oh my goodness!!! I hope it goes better from here on!

    1. Lol... Thanks! :) *so far it's gettin better*

    2. If Bunnies had wings people would look up more often!

    3. I have what he's having, bar keep! :p



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