Saturday, February 18, 2012

A self indulgent bit of fun...

-Part One-


            Henry sat in his chocolate leather arm chair with his legal pad in its monogrammed leather case resting on his crossed leg.  He hated that case.  Thought it was pretentious.  But it had been a gift from Carla, so he got used to it.  At thirty-five years old, he had never married, or even come close; so Carla seemed to have designated herself the woman in his life, complete with unwanted gifts and nagging.  

            Though he would never admit it, he liked her self imposed role.  Made things easier, on her as well he suspected.  Keeping what was left of the old group together was her way of holding on to what she had lost.   Growing up together, she had always mothered them.  Things had gotten a little weird for Henry when Carla (then known as Carl, in her tomboy phase) and his best friend Danny had started going steady.  This left just Henry and Danny’s little brother Jay to find ways to pass the time.   Of course they hadn’t told Henry they were foolin around; they’d just started sneaking off right around seventh grade.  One night Henry had seen Danny sneaking out of Carla’s bedroom window across the street.  Creeped him out back then, but as the years went by, he couldn’t imagine them not together. 

            They announced themselves as a bona fide couple in tenth grade, while they were hangin out in Henry’s garage.  Jay and Henry were half way through a smuggled six pack of Pabst when Danny proudly put his arm around Carla and announced the news from the door way.  Henry, sitting in a raggedy lawn chair with his feet propped up on the old Coleman cooler, leaned back to look at Jay, who was loosing a fight with the zenith’s rabbit ears.  Jay looked back at Henry, rolled his eyes and pounded a fist on the zenith. “Thanks for the update.” He mumbled. Shaking his head.

            Henry swung back around and stifled a smile into his beer.  Finishing it off in one long pull, he crushed the can and tossed it free throw style into the trash bin.  He winked at Carla, who just crossed her arms and gave him the mom look.
Danny threw both hands in the air, disappointment in his face.  “Aw, come on! You guys knew?”

Jay stopped fighting with the rabbit ears and shot and irritated look at his older brother.  “Would you notice if Henry and I started making kissy face and playing footsy under the table at Clarin’s on wing night?” He demanded.

Henry laughed.  “Sometimes, you missed Carla’s feet, brother.” This time it was Danny that got the wink and a little eyebrow.
Danny blushed, it came easily to his strawberry complexion. “Sorry.” He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck.

Carla looked a little disappointed too, but not as much as Danny.  The secret was out, that was what mattered.  “Is that why you guy’s don’t call me Carl anymore?” she pouted, taking the empty lawn chair next to Henry’s.

Henry kicked open the cooler and snagged another beer off the bundle.  “Yeah, that just got weird.” He made a face at the thought. 

“No shit.” Jay nodded solemnly.

            Things have change a lot in twenty years. 
[Happy Saturday Friends!  Sorry about the random blog post today, but I have been writing and working on my current project all week... See you next Saturday with a shiny new post! :D ]

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