Saturday, May 12, 2012

From my crazy playlist...

A few weeks ago, I posted on my facebook page:

"I have been having trouble with character shifts, like POV.. I couldn't go from one characters voice to the other very easily...they are such drastically different people.

Solution: different play list for each main character.

I know ...what you're thinking...major time waster, right?

 On the contrary... if you have a feel for your character...just use ... poof! ready made soundtracks!

It has really helped me today!"
I would like to update that: 

LOUD music, I find, not only helps me to get into the tone of my WIP...but,I am staring to notice that if I pick the right play list for the scene that I'm working on, and really crank it in my ear buds (disclaimer: loud music may be harmful to your hearing;) it has a bonus of really shutting up my internal critic. :D
So... for this weekends blog post, I'm sharing some of my favorite and most ECLECTIC music choices for my writing ...

V'WALAH! *theatrical gesture* ;D

The Knux - Bang!Bang!Bang!

Florence +The Machine - My boy build coffins

Joshua Radin - No Envy, No Fear

Thirty Seconds To Mars - The Kill
(of course! LOL)

The Pierces - Got a Secret

Lykke Li - I'm Good, I'm Gone

Teddybears - Cobrastyle

Florence + The Machine - Bird Song

Club Foot - Kasabian

Beggar's Prayer - Emiliana Torrini

Yes, this is a very weird mix... I know... but I have different playlists for each of my characters since they are such different people. :) and I pulled a little bit from each. I hope you enjoy!

How do you pick your playlists?


  1. My, you have been busy - and it is a very eclectic mix you have assembled. But variety isn't a bad thing.

    Maybe just go easy on the volume ;)

  2. Some interesting pics here! I admit I don't recognize most of these songs, but they make a cool soundtrack. :)

    1. LOL... most of these you won't find on your local radio station, that's true enough! :)

      I got them off of soundtracks and good 'ol fashion procrastinatory-web surfin! (er I mean 'research')

  3. Please tell me, what particular type of music pushes your buttons when it comes to creating a mood for writing? Maybe I can direct you towards something you have yet to consider, which would be my great pleasure to do.

  4. Well... hmm.. that is a tough question. I really all depends on what type of scene/character that I'm working on.

    For sad or moving scenes, I like sad songs (like Josh Radin).

    For action and intense scenes, I tend to like songs that are up beat, but usually take the Character into consideration more. For example, The Bird Song, and My Boy Builds Coffins remind me of my Antagonist a little. :)

    How do you pick a playlist?



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