Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Dresden Files

I don't usually blog about television, but I am just gonna pop in to say that thanks to a weird mini-series on Netflix, I have found that I love The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

I was taking a day off of... well... everything, and I was surfing the Netflix when I stumbled upon the mini series.  I watched it all in two days. 



I then began to listen to the Audible audiobook series of The Dresden Files narrated by James Marsters (Spike, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).  


I am not going to give any spoilers here, but you guys... read/listen/watch.  Its really good. :)


  1. Never heard of it, but based on your recommendation I will probably have to get it via a torrent as the TV programming here is a bit week., I will peep it out. Thanks for mentioning it. Cheers!

  2. The Dresden Files is an awesome book series, but I've never watched the television show based on it. I have an image in my head of Harry and the gang that I don't want erased by someone else's vision. Happy reading and watching, though. =o)

    Also, Jim Butcher's got The Codex Alera series (epic fantasy) - different feel but still excellent writing, if you're interested.

    1. Thanks! I will definately have to read those! I am really enjoying Jim Butchers writing style. :)

  3. Hi Casey! Just came across your blog and am glad I did. I'm a medical student working on a novel and love that you worked as an Emergency Medical Technician!! I haven't seen The Dresden Files but am sadly addicted to Netflix (Mad Men, cough).

    1. Good luck on your novel! That is awesome.
      There is no shortage of inspiration in the medical field. :)

      I have not seen Mad Men yet... but it is on my list!

      I love Netflix. It lets me watch tv shows like I read books... all at once. A season at a time! :D



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