Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Shiny New Year!

Happy New Year (a little late) Friends!!!

I had a rocky start, but now things seem to be smoothing themselves out. *thank goodness!*

My goals for this year:

  1. Write everyday.
  3. Find an Agent.

  4. Sell finished book.

  5. Finish sequel.   *4 and 5 may be out of order...not sure*

  6. Start that other book I've been dying to write. :D

  7. Do all of the above list items while maintaining a clean house, a healthy workout schedule, and  a full time job.

Big goals, but I am going to work hard everyday to make them come to pass.  I am learning that if I give up 90% of my television time... the days seem longer. ;)

(I had a cute picture of my dog on top of a huge hill smiling down on all he'd climbed... but alas... google wouldn't let me load it.)

What are some of your goals for 2013?


  1. Great goals, Casey! I hope you meet them all!

    I found that I was much more productive when I cut back my TV viewing time. Now the rule is it goes on at 10pm and off at 11pm....whether I'm watching TV or a pre-recorded show. (On Saturdays, esp if Doctor Who is on, we'll sometimes turn the tv on at 9.)

    I've got A LOT of goals I'm working toward this year. One of them is to stay publicly accountable so I'm trying to post my progress (or lack thereof) every day on my blog.

    Fingers crossed that all your hard work pays off and you achieve everything you're hoping to, Casey!

    1. Thanks so much, JB!

      That is a good idea with TV time... a little extra on the weekend. I may do that. :) I have been saving my shows for when hubs is free to watch with me... he is a busy guy, so that helps me cut back. I mostly watch Supernatural (Netflix) everyday on the treadmill- so I get one hour of TV, but it's good for me! LOL It's my guilty pleasure... and helps get me downstairs to the workout room.

      I agree with the public accountability, also... I feel like I am most productive with my writing goals when I am very active on my blog and other social media with writers.

      I hope you meet and exceed all of your goals this year as well, friend!

      Happy writing! (...and running!:D)

  2. Those are some kick-ass goals and I hope you achieve them! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much, Lydia! Happy New Year to you as well!



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