Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still typing away...

This week has been spotted with obstacles. 

First, the treadmill was non-operational for two days, and needed serviced. *that made me surprisingly tense* 

Then, I had a sleepless night, resulting in two days of zombie-like functionality *I'm kinda thinking this is the treadmill's fault, too*.  (plus, a co-worker brought cup cakes that day! yummo.)

And finally, I had a change in my regular work partner... that always takes me a while to switch gears. *people are so different, yo*

But there were good obstacles, too... like *ahem* Valentine's Day. ;)

I am not complaining, understand.  I am simply acknowledging that I have let this week set me back in my writing.  It's easy to do, and once you start, it is a slippery slope.  So, today, once the baking and cleaning is done, I am locking myself in my office.  The good news, is that through all the different distractions this week, my story has been yammering on to me... that elusive character has found her nagging voice, and we have come to an understanding... I have dreamt  of new scenes, and my subconscious has been working overtime in my absence... I have high hopes for tonight and all day tomorrow. :)

How are you guys doing in all of your goals?

(P.S.  Happy Writing, Friends!)


  1. Sometimes a little break is needed, but it sounds like you're getting right back up on the proverbial horse. Good for you!

    I actually ran outside yesterday! (I'm using "ran" loosely since it was a snowy/slushy/icy mix on the trail.)

    I'm about 3000 words behind where I'd like to be for the month on my WIP, but like you, after taking a break, all has become clear. (for the moment)

    1. Oh, yes... running outside in all this wintery junk definatly take some caution and balance! Lol!

      I am behind a bit more than that... like 6k, but one of my biggest goals this year is to not be so hard on myself... a little more perserverance, and a little less 'all or nothing' ya know what I mean? I would get discouraged and my project would tank. I'm just plugging away now. :)

      Yay, for clear WIP's!! *and momentum from the writing highs they often bring!* ;)

  2. Sounds like even though you haven't be writing, you've been 'writing', Casey! That sub-conscious work will pay off. I love it when that happens, when writing becomes a part of my being over and above just the process of sitting down at the keyboard and pounding out the words :)

    Had a 10 day hiatus from running - but did a 10 miler on Saturday out in the beautiful sunshine (storm came in right afterward). Back to snow and wind and ice, so I'll be back on the treadmill today!!

    1. I know! I love when you've been itching to write and have it all in your head...the words just sort of flow! :)

      I hate running out in the cold... I'm a major treadmill girl. :D

      Happy running, and writing!



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