Sunday, February 10, 2013

That Elusive Character…



We’ve all had one.   That character who’s voice you just can’t find.

Well… I’ve met mine.

I knew I needed this character.  She has been in the story since the original idea, but I just couldn't SEE her.  Couldn't HEAR her. 

She was eluding me… her creator… and I thought: how fitting.  You see, she is a deceptive character by nature.  She lies and manipulates everyone in her life… why should I be any different.

I have written her into several key scenes of my WIP, but she is still a blur.  Does this ever happen to you?

Writing stories is like an infinite puzzle, or Rubik’s Cube, to be solved.  Ever a challenge.  I love it.


  1. Interesting - usually my characters never shut up, always whispering in my ear and telling me stuff that I really don't want to know and has no relavence to the story. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this character, Casey (and I bet you are, too ;)

    1. Most of my characters are like that, too... but this lady... she took a long time to nail down. I think it's because she was in the story by proxy at first. She had a major impact on the lives of two main characters before I had a handle on her. Hand to go backwards a bit to get her to talk to me. Once I did, she let her surly self shine.

  2. I have a few characters like that. I tend to learn more about them from the people they hang out with than I do from them directly. And only one has been stubborn enough to not try to correct what I've been told by their friends and enemies..

    He's pretty scary.

    1. Exactly! Thats what happened I think. I first met her through my two main characters, and what I knew about her was from what she had done to them. I had to work backwards to connect all the dots, then slowly, her face and voice began to emerge... she is kinda scary too. Very sneaky. I'm keeping my eye on her. ;)



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