Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNoWriMo Nov2013 - Day Two: I miss coffee.

This is my fourth, or fifth, NaNoWriMo... counting Camp NaNos... and things are a little different this year, what with the pregnancy.

For one thing... the big mug of steaming hot coffee that was always cheering me on is not there.  I actually haven't had my beloved cup o' Joe in THREE MONTHS!!!  I'd prefer my child not come outta me all jacked up and jonesin' for more Joe.  Instead, I have ten big glasses of water with lemon every day... and the occasional PowerAde or fruit juice.

Another big change is all my Red Vines, gummy bears, and the orange slices (the candy ones, not the healthy ones) that I usually keep on hand during hard core write-a-thons.  Instead, I have Triscuits, fresh fruits, and yogurt.

I haven't really missed all these things in the last three months (except the coffee!! I miss that every day.), until yesterday.  Sitting at my desk cramming for NaNo makes me imagine that I smell fresh brewed coffee when there is none around.  That part of my brain has been awakened.   But I am still typing away.  Treats or no. 

I will admit.... this was an unexpected side-effect.  I didn't realize how bad some of my NaNo habits had become!  If kiddo wasn't eating everything I eat, I would be binging on junk all month!  (sounds really awesome even though I know how unhealthy it is.  But hey, it's only once or twice a year, right?)

I still love NaNoWriMo... even without the bottomless cup of coffee.  (And I'm still buying my NaNo mug!  That's tradition every year, even if I have to drink water out of it. :)

How is NaNo going for you guys?


  1. Hey, didn't know you were going to do NaNo, Casey - good job keeping with the water and healthy snacks. I don't usually have anything over and above my usual daily two cups of coffee and the occasional small serving of salted peanuts - so no worries there. But just getting started - back into the daily routine of writing, has been hard. Really, I should make every month a NaNo month, maybe then I'd get stuff done!

    Good luck to you. I'm Running_Writer in case you're looking for other buddies over on the site. Happy writing :)

    1. Thanks, Janet. :) It hasn't been easy. Lol. I splurged and had some Nutella with animal crackers. ;)

      I agree, getting back into the groove of daily writing is difficult.

      Good luck to you, too!! I'm caffinewithdrawl... I'll look you up on NaNo!

  2. How brave of you, writing without coffee! Congrats on the kiddo, and good luck with the NaNo.

    1. Thanks, Aaron! It's been challenging! Lol.
      Good luck with NaNo to you as well!

      Happy writing!!

  3. Five NaNo?! Sweet! Such a proven track record tells me you're going to win it again this year, coffee or no coffee. :)

    1. Thanks for the confidence, David! :) I could use it now... I've been falling behind and playing catch-up every two or three days. I'm about 3k behind currently, but have high hopes for the weekend! :D

      Happy writing!



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