Saturday, March 15, 2014

Shifting gears…

So, I’ve finished my registry, surrendered to the baby shower, taken my birthing classes, and packed my hospital bag.  Nearly everything on my baby-to-do list is complete.


Now I feel less stressed, and my concentration seems to be improving. I even managed to finish all those ‘little things’ around the house that I could never seem to make time for, like organize the spice cabinet, and put my photos into albums!  Not to mention, I finished mending all the clothes in my sewing pile!  That must have been my ‘nesting’. LOL

So, what’s left undone?



I spent the better part of today, (when I wasn’t napping, or chatting on the phone with an old friend), pouring over it. 

I have two months before the next major gear change… I hope that I can hang on to this new found concentration, and focus!  You can accomplish a LOT in two months!

Happy Writing, you guys!





  1. Yay, for getting things done! It seems like there's a definite need to 'fix' everything around you when things start winding down towards pregnancy end. I wonder if it's b/c it's something we can reach out and control(like spice racks!) b/c subconsciously we know we're approaching something big that is out of our control? So, yeah, there was my big thought for the day. Lol!

    1. That makes total sense! (and fits my personality to a tee!) LOL

  2. Exciting times, Casey. *sigh* My oldest is nearly twenty now. He still lives here, but he comes and goes between college, work and his girlfriend. Heck! My sixteen year old might be busier than his brother. We hardly see him either! *laughs* We watched a movie last night that had babies in it and my wife and I looked at each other because it's been so long since we held babies. It really does go by too fast.
    Wishing you the very best and can't wait to see baby pictures!!


    1. Wow, yeah... they grow so fast! I will be a real shutter-bug, I just know it... my little guy hasn't even been born yet, and I already can't believe how fast the last seven months have gone!

      Thank you so much, Jimmy!

  3. That sounds like a LOT of nesting and it's all good! Hope you stay healthy and everything goes well from here on out!

  4. You mended clothes? That's totally nesting! Here's to a continued happy and healthy pregnancy.

    1. Lol! Yeah, I couldn't believe I was doing it even as I sewed Nate's pockets back together! Usually, my idea of 'mending' consists of putting it in a pile, and ignoring it for three years. ;)

      Thanks, Jenny!



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