Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pay Day

So I'm pretty new to the blogging world, I've had my hands full juggling plotlines, homelife, retirement/new career path, and on top of it all I'm polishing my novel (one of three).  I have so many balls in the air, and recently threw a 20lb bowling ball on top to the heap.. yet have finished...nothing.  Okay, not nothing, but of all the balls in the air, writing is my baby... my lifes dream.  I spent the day reading the blog of one of my role models (a newer role model albeit a good one)  and have come to realize that I can do this.  I can have it all.  A tidy house, a happy family, and not one, but TWO thriving careers.  People do it all the time. Just look at Hugh Laurie, a sucessful actor, and novelist, producer and more.  Any way, thats alot of blather for a girl who had nothing to say when she sat down to her keyboard :) so on with it then! 

This is a scene that has been haunting me. It doesn't fit into my storyline, but I liked it and wanted to see if any one out there might want to tack on to it or play with it as a story prompt... just for giggles :) let me know what you come up with! 

P.S.  we'll call it an excersise in run on sentences.... *yeah, I saw them*

Camden Reece walked down the dingy hallway completely oblivious to the leering maintenance men who were not fixing the peeling wallpaper or the rattling heating duct, but rather, leaning against the wall on one of the many coffee breaks that no doubt made up their work day.  Her boots clicking loudly on the scuffed linolium floor, her walk was teetering a fine line between march and strut... she was on a mission.  Deliver the smut photos of the sleazy couple cheating on their snivling spouses, get her money, and get the hell out of this dump.

She opened the door, barely breaking stride, and headed for the main office.  The receptionist was just about to show a plump, tearful woman in, when Camden brushed past them, stopping in front of Jerry Caulier's cluttered desk.  Dropping the manilla envelope she had been carrying onto the file he was reading, she held out her hand, palm up, with a slight waving gesture.  "Come on, Jerry."

"Jeezus, Cam."  Jerry looked up over his glasses, shaking his head, not altogether surprised by her rudeness.

"I don't have all day, Jerry.  I did the job.  Pay me."  her tone flat, clearly conveying that she had better things to do, though she didn't.

The receptionist watched from the doorway, too offended to bother consoling the client, who was no longer sobbing, but staring, slack-jawed at the obnoxious young woman before her- snot still running down her lip.

"Mr. Caulier!"  The receptionist started, immediatly silenced by a wave of Jerry's meaty hand.

"I apologize for the delay, Mrs. Mckenna."  he rose from his seat, smoothing his stained, not to mention tastless, tie against his round midsection. 

"Elaine, would you get Mrs. Mckenna a cup of tea, please?"

Elaine recognized that this was not a request, but an order.  Reluctantly, she turned to the confused Mrs. Mckennna.  "Right this way."  lowering her voice,  "I'm sorry."  She threw a disaproving looke at Camden, as she pulled the door shut behing her.

Jerry opened the desk drawer, pulling out the organizer containing his checkbook.

"Cash."  Cam said dryly.

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