Saturday, April 14, 2012

Its official...

Okay, friends... I did it!  I took my husbands name. :) 

I am Casey L. Clark.

Currently my URL is

Since caseylclark.blogspot is taken, I have to put some thought into my new URL... I'll keep you guys posted on this, but for now, I'll just leave it as is. :)

I must admit, it wasn't an easy decision.  I have been Casey L. Conley for 31 years.  It was a bitter-sweet moment, when I hit delete on the Conley in my profile. 
I am happy, and excited for this new part of my life to begin, so I felt a tiny bit silly at being sad over changing my Twitter handle!

 *I know, right?*

I think we all have those moments, those little things that make us nostalgic. 

Exciting changes are happening, my friends!  In the last year I have undergone some major life shifts!  I have to say, its been a wild ride... but now I'm am so excited to settle into my new life (and a little peace and quiet!).

Its gonna be good. :)

p.s.  I have been a terrible blogger, with everything going on... but I shall do better! promise!!! :D


  1. I had a hard time with changing my name too. I always liked my name and didn't want to change it, but I did and it is all good.

  2. As long as it makes you happy, good for you. I lived with my maiden name for 34 years, so I get what you mean about it being hard, but after a while, you'll get used to it. (Although I still call myself 'Meissner' when I'm talking to myself.) =o)

    Good luck finding a suitable URL.

    1. lol...I know what you mean... i sign my name soo slow, now! :)

      thanks! I'm gonna have to get creative with the'll come..eventually :) who knew that Casey Clark was so common? haha

  3. Congratulations. I'm sure you'll figure out what to do with your blog address. At least right now people will find you no matter what name they use to search.

    1. Thank you! Thats a good point, I didn't think of that. :)

  4. As odd as my name is, there are a lot of other Lydia Kangs out there. I put my middle initial when I can't use my own. Maybe you can try that. And congrats on stepping forward into your new partnership and name!

    1. Thank you!

      I think I may use my middle name, it should solve things. :)



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