Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dog-gone Ninjas! A mid- NaNoWriMo -recap...

It all started innocently enough, here ----->
In my (almost finished) office.

June NaNoWriMo!

Sounds harmless enough... even fun!
I had a great starting point for my nano novel, and plenty of coffee and diet sodas on hand.

I was psyched!

Even my boxer, Abby, was supper excited!
  She grabbed her favorite snuggie and
 was right there, by my side!

 <------------- (see the excitement in her eyes?!)

 She's the best writing buddy.
  Always there to keep me company. :)

  But, my lil' guys quickly tired of the long hours spend in front of the keyboard.
They lost interest in curling up by my side while I gave all of my attention to my WIP.

So they went to the fence, to consult with the nefarious, yet brilliant, chihuahua next door.


<-------- (this is Gee)

Gee, advised them that if they wanted to end this silly NaNoNinny business, they would need the white ninja dogs.

 (this female warrior ninja princess dog, requests to remain nameless) ---->

<----------(This is Bob)

 Together, the nefarious chihuahua, my dogs, and the white ninja mercenaries, conspired to end the NaNoNinniness that prevented the nerdy humans from playing with them in their free time rather than tapping on those annoying clicky-pad-things.
The dog ninjas took out the power to my house! I was left completely defenseless with no way to charge my laptop, cell phone (for those all important Twitter updates), or even my wi-fi! *gasp*

But, alas!  I was able to overcome the obstacles thrown in my path by the EvIL bi-lingual chihuahua, and defeat the mercenary white doggy-ninjas thanks to my husbands very thoughtful gift:

<-- An Inverter for my car. :)

With the mobile power originally given to me in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse, I was able to generate enough power to run all necessary writing implements!

June NaNoWriMo was saved!

And I would like to point out, how very "Camp NaNoWriMo"  this writing environment was! LOL -------->

(Despite the scary shot gun casings that I found on my adventure into the woods.  It lended to a great scene in my WIP)

With their plot to destroy June NaNoWriMo thwarted, the puppies collapsed in defeat. (also, they were put in a time out for being naughty, but they asked me to leave that part out.)

 Mean while, I did fall a teensey bit behind schedule due to the mis-adventures of the unsupportive, yet very loving poochies.   So, I scribbled furiously away into the wee hours of the night to keep up my word count.

Thus far, I have managed to evade the still-on going attempts to derail my nano-ness from said four legged fiends... I remain optimistic, and we have compromised... as long as they are touching me, my laptop is okay...
                                                                 ...... for now.....

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  1. *no doggy ninjas were harmed in the making of this blog post*

  2. i love this!!!!! was laughing the whole way!

    1. Awe! Thanks, Sukie! :D And thanks for all the support you gave whilst I was under attack by the ninja-doggies! Lol!



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