Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I've learned this year...

Things that I have learned about myself this year as a writer:

  1.  I like to plow through the first draft at warp speed with minimal planning. I need momentum ( the product of the mass and velocity of an object: p = mv ) to keep going.  I can't write everyday feeling like I'm at square one. The bigger and faster the MS, the easier it comes.
  2.  I need an idea strong enough to carry a story, and just enough characters to start.  The rest falls into place as I go.
  3. If I'm bored while writing, I'm writing it wrong. Delete and try again.
  4. I like to sit and play out the scenes in my head, and get a feel for them before I begin typing (or dictating) them.  I play them in my mind, and hear the characters dialogue, it seems to come more naturally this way. After I have that scene, the typing flies by. I feel happiest with the scenes that I wrote this way.
  5. I must love my main characters.
  6. I must understand my antagonist(s), and empathize with how they came to be on that path.
  7. I must love something about each scene, or it needs deleted or changed.
  8.  I can't watch television while first drafting... unless a character on the show/movie, reminds me of one of my characters in my WIP. *then it's research ;)*
  9. I like all types of books, and I want my MS to be a complex blend of genres. Life is not one genre at a time.
  10. I can not read while first drafting.  It pulls me out of my story.
  11. I love word sprints. :)
  12. It usually takes me about a third of the MS to get my characters right.  I cast my MC twice, my villain four times, and my female lead three times.  But when its right... it makes all the difference. 
  13. "Casting" my characters is when I find their voice, mannerisms, and behavior tendencies.
  14. Chemistry is so very important. 
  15. It must not be forced, it must be fluent.
  16. I can not write in public places. I always find myself more engaged in the  people around me, than my story.
  17. Don't write for the market, write what you are personally passionate about.  Marketing is for later, not for composition. I feel it stifles originality and voice.
  18. A character picture (usually an actor), a soundtrack that reminds you of your WIP's tone, and just typing/writing that first sentence is usually all it takes to break through inhibitions.  The first sentence is always the hardest one.  Just type anything.
  19. Coffee helps.
  20. Daily goals, no matter how small are important.
  21. A friend to keep you on track and encouraged is priceless.
  22. It's not how complicated and elaborate your plot is, it's how you unfold the story.  Anticipation is thrilling.
  23. Make the reader want it before they realize its what you're doing.
  24. Everyone likes surprises.
  25. Very few things are more satisfying than completing a manuscript.
  26. Few things are more dis-satisfying than not writing.
  27. I like lists. :)
These are just some of the things I have realized about my own ever-changing writing quirks. What are some of your writing habits/preferences?


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    1. I'm glad you like it! Thanks so much for visiting! :D

  2. I could learn a lesson from your lessons learned. :)

    1. I hope something on my list is helpful... happy writing, David! :)



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