Sunday, August 5, 2012

August Camp NaNoWriMo Wk#2 (Brain Drain)

The side effect of writing all summer at a NaNoWriMo pace, is that I seem to have very little juice left when it comes to interesting blog posts. 

So, I shall blog about recharging between writing sessions.

Sometimes writing is so much fun, when I'm really synced up with my story and characters... but other times... it can feel like someone is inserting a 14 gauge needle attached to a 60cc syringe and forcibly extracting the story from my brain.  (too graphic? sorry.)

On the occasion when I walk away psyched and all amped up by my work, it is very easy to resume my writing the next day... but what about those other times?  How do we recharge?

Well, honestly... I don't have a consistent answer to that question... yet.

I have been avoiding the television.  I find that it makes it too difficult to say engaged in my story when the going gets tough, if I have all those other story lines floating around... not to mention the time drain.

I will free up an extra hour or so before bed, and try to just listen to my story soundtrack and just think about what has happened in my WIP.  Replay some of my favorite, or key moments and then spin off them into some new scenes.   If it works, then I have a direction to start in ... and sometimes that take on a life of its own once my fingers start typing. 

That is one thing about writing that I am still in awe of:  the way your brain seemingly switches over to a secret compartment once your fingers begin typing a scene.  It's like 'Whoa! Where did that come from?'

What are some ways that you guys recharge between tough writing sessions?  I'm all about trying new things here... anything. :)


  1. Beetween long/strenuous writing sessions I'd have to rank brisk walks outdooors and playing the oboe (also a great aerobic activity) at the top of the refreash list. Karaoke would work if you don't happen to play a wind instrument.

    I generally avoid TV as well, but more for time constraints than storylines. Of course, for these two weeks, it's awfully hard not to hang out at the Olympic coverage.

    1. I'm all about the long walk! My hubby just put my stairMaster in my office so I can multi-task! ;) I have never tried to play any wind instruments, but I would bet good money I'm long winded enough to be able to! lol!

      I too have had trouble avoiding the Olymic coverage... I love volleyball!

      Thank you so much for sharing! (and Karaoke is a great idea!!)



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