Monday, December 10, 2012

Dictation Software.. the good, the bad, and the kinda embarrassing...

Okay, so this is more of a ramble than a legitimate post... I shouldn't even admit this, but here it goes:

I have been using Nuance Dragon dictation software, off and on for about two years now.  I love it.  It really helps with those high word count days.  You know, when your brain is jazzed and you just want to fly through the story while its fresh and exciting?!

That is the UP side... I would just slip into that headset, and daydream out loud... and the words would just appear on paper as if my Muse were taking notes FOR me!


Here's the catch... my Muse stinks at grammar, and don't even get me started on the run on sentences! I'm not talking normal run on sentences, either. (my weakness, as it is!)  I'm saying that there is not a coma or period in that entire manuscript that I didn't SAY.  Literally.  I have to say "period".

You CAN get down the bulk of your story fast this way... but if you just plow through with the dictation software, never proofreading at the end of days work... be ready to spend some time on extensive edits.

I'm not saying edit as you go. Not at all... Unless you're Dean Koontz... that will put your story in some serious peril. 

I just mean, if you are going to use some dictation software... the very best way to do it, is to dictate, then correct the typos and punctuation THAT DAY.  This is not editing, per se... this is an investment in your future sanity.

Otherwise, the mistakes can all start to blur together.  It can knock some of the wind out of you, for sure.


I love my dictation software... I'm just saying... use with caution. ;)

Nano's over... now what?

... more of the same, my friends.

We write.

What? You've finished your draft? Hooray!

Now we edit!!



A writer's work is never done.

Now, I have had a hard time switching from not judgemental writer, to hyper-analytical editor... so I'm just going to tell you ... I don't have the answers... BUT.. I know a few writers that have a pretty good idea!!  Most of them are in my Blog Roll or they have commented on some previous posts. *you guys are freakin awesome!*

 But one of them wrote a little mini-book on the process. 

Well, she actually talks about the WHOLE process.  So, While I don't have a lot to say here, as I am up to my eyeballs in editing my novel, myself... I will refer you to her!

I have mentioned her a few times in the past... but this book is pure gold!

I am a mix of discovery writer AND outliner to some degree, still experimenting to find my way.  But along my journey I have realized that, like most OCD's, I value efficiency.

I am not enjoying my writing time, unless I feel productive.  This sometimes means more than just a high word count... I want quality AND quantity.  I want less revisions, less time discovery writing, and less time straight up outlining, and MORE time with my story. 

In a nutshell. I don't want to waste time, just because I have it. I want every minute to count.  Unrealistic, maybe. But a girl can dream. :)  *that's what writers do, after all* 

Enough of my late night rant... ENJOY!

Happy writing, friends!!


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