Sunday, March 24, 2013

Smashbooking / Junk Journaling for Inspiration!


Okay, so last night, while I was unable to sleep… I was perusing Pinterest for some creative charcoal sketches… I love charcoal… and I stumbled across a journaling technique called “Smashbook”.  (It’s like scrapbooking and journaling collided at a high speed with an open bottle of glue.)  Some people call it “Art Journaling” but I think that is a bit more advanced. 

I then remembered something that I had read on The Paperback Writer’s blog… and here is that link:  *she is always doing crafty and awesome things… I marvel at her time management skills!*

I fell in love with the idea!  I basically have been doing it for years on my corkboards… but there always comes a point when the board needs cleared… so now I will just throw all my writing art and what-not's into a smashbook journal for that WIP.

super fun as far as procrastination goes, yeah?!

Here is a link to my Pinterest collection of Smashbook-ey things…

newspaper journal… and while it’s neat that they make special books to do this with… I am all about the homemade ones… some are made from old newspapers! I love that! I have so many art and crafty things here that I will be making my from recyclables … adds characters. ;)

(I would credit this pic, but the link was dead. sorry to whoever took it!)


Here is a cute blog about her journaling: *she calls hers a “junk journal”… I love that.*

I also like some of the ideas for how to attach notes and scraps in creative ways to your journal.

paperclip attachment

This girl just manipulated a paperclip to attach a card… rubber bands work… some people just sewed the cloth or pages directly to the book with a neat zig-zaggy stich! I love it.



I think I shall take this day, blare a little music, and work on some crazy journaling. :D


Happy Writing!!!

Late night self observation…

I’m sitting here, in my office.  It’s almost one o’clock in the morning here.  I’m a bit tired, but for some reason I find myself unable to settle down. 

I’m thinking about books I’ve read, or want to read.  Books I’ve written, or want to write.  I’m thinking about how hard it can be to find the time to do all the things I want to do. I’m thinking about how much I enjoy all of these things… and you know what?  I think I enjoy them that much more because of how hard it can be. 

I enjoy the challenge.

I like finding time to work my writing in.  I like that it doesn’t come easily.  I never really realized it before… at least not consciously.  Is that weird?

I guess I feel like I accomplished something when I had to fight to make it work.  Hmmm.  *sometimes I wonder about me*

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back on track!

After being down with the flu *again!* for most of last week, I am happy to say that I am finally back on track! 

WooHoo! :D

So, my apologies for this nearly non-existent blog post... but I'm determined not to fall behind again so soon after catching up!

I have a lot of edits ahead of me... and a really...REALLY busy week looming.  But I leave you all with a song from my WIP playlist... its catchy.

Happy Writing!!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Anti-Muse...

There is a point in every WIP, when the author sits down and looks at what they have written, and they think: I am a terrible writer. 

Take heart, dear friends.  The odds are, that you are not a terrible writer.  In fact, you are quite probably a great writer.  That voice is a trickster. 

The Anti-Muse. 

A nefarious little creature that resides in fear and self-doubt.

The only known way to rid yourself of the grasp of this dark and vile thing, is to persevere.  Push though the nagging sing song mockery of that little voice, and finish that WIP with determined gusto.  I promise, if you do, the Anti-Muse will surely starve. 

Hang tough, friends!

Happy and persistent writing!

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