Sunday, March 24, 2013

Smashbooking / Junk Journaling for Inspiration!


Okay, so last night, while I was unable to sleep… I was perusing Pinterest for some creative charcoal sketches… I love charcoal… and I stumbled across a journaling technique called “Smashbook”.  (It’s like scrapbooking and journaling collided at a high speed with an open bottle of glue.)  Some people call it “Art Journaling” but I think that is a bit more advanced. 

I then remembered something that I had read on The Paperback Writer’s blog… and here is that link:  *she is always doing crafty and awesome things… I marvel at her time management skills!*

I fell in love with the idea!  I basically have been doing it for years on my corkboards… but there always comes a point when the board needs cleared… so now I will just throw all my writing art and what-not's into a smashbook journal for that WIP.

super fun as far as procrastination goes, yeah?!

Here is a link to my Pinterest collection of Smashbook-ey things…

newspaper journal… and while it’s neat that they make special books to do this with… I am all about the homemade ones… some are made from old newspapers! I love that! I have so many art and crafty things here that I will be making my from recyclables … adds characters. ;)

(I would credit this pic, but the link was dead. sorry to whoever took it!)


Here is a cute blog about her journaling: *she calls hers a “junk journal”… I love that.*

I also like some of the ideas for how to attach notes and scraps in creative ways to your journal.

paperclip attachment

This girl just manipulated a paperclip to attach a card… rubber bands work… some people just sewed the cloth or pages directly to the book with a neat zig-zaggy stich! I love it.



I think I shall take this day, blare a little music, and work on some crazy journaling. :D


Happy Writing!!!



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