Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Infinite Do-Over…


I’m a writing slob, who found herself over-correcting into a control freak.

:D *ta-da!*

But seriously… It’s a thing.  I had a loose, and moderately sloppy manuscript to start with. So I went looking for ways to hone my craft, and while I am convinced that most of the changes that I had made to my writing schedule were very helpful to my process, I inadvertently fell into that sand trap that is … *drum-roll* … the over plotted story.


Don’t panic! It’s okay… I mean, I did have a pretty crappy couple of weeks where I didn’t understand what was happening.  Something was broken with my story (or me! At times I thought that I have even forgotten how to write), but I couldn’t tell exactly what. 

Soooo… at first, I just floundered about… giving myself permission to write/edit badly… no pressure. After all, I can always revert back to the original drafts, right? (Grr, I hate feeling like I’m wasting time… so this is hard for me to relax and let go… but necessary!)

Interestingly enough, I started writing scenes that didn’t fit with my current story, but a much much earlier version of the book… like from months ago!  And it was better!

So, while I do feel that a lot/most of my new writing/ scheduling habits have been very helpful in my productivity and organization… I have to be very careful here, not to over plot my stories into rigid, emotionally stunted works. 

That’s writing, isn’t it?  Just when you think that you have it down, it chuckles at you and reminds you who’s boss. ;)

My goals for this (and last) week was to polish/edit the first 60pages of my manuscript.  I spent the first three days feeling like I was stuck on one side of a thick glass wall, while my story, and characters were on the other side, just out of reach.  Thankfully that feeling has passed, and as I sit here today, I’m not at that goal, but happier with my story. 

I ultimately lost nearly 40 pages of manuscript. I’m going to go a little slow on the repairs/re-writes. Partly because my basement flooded with all the rain, and I’m going to be shampooing carpet until it smells fresh again *lol*, and partly because, I don’t want to make the same mistake twice.

So, my new goal is to have the manuscript changes made, and the revised draft done by June 1.  If I get done early, yay!  If not, I can enjoy the process at a nice pace.

Tortoise and the hare, baby. ;)

By the way, did you guys happen to notice the sweet playlist over there? *courtesy of Spotify… I just learned how. :) --->


  1. Isn't Spotify great?! Instead of just telling people your playlist, they can actually listen to it! (I just learned, too, so I'm a bit overexcited, I know).

    I hope you meet your goal. Whenever I try to set a concrete one, I fail miserably. So I think I've given up on goals.

    1. I was really excited about the playlist, too! :)

      I think Murphy's Law has a beef with writing goals... I'm watching my back this time... Lol!

  2. "That’s writing, isn’t it? Just when you think that you have it down, it chuckles at you and reminds you who’s boss."

    SOOOO true. Glad you're finding your way!

    1. Thanks, JB! And thank you for all the encouragement! You are so friggin NICE! ;)

      Congrats, again, on the amazing Amazon ranking of your wonderful Hitwoman Series!!! So well deserved!

  3. Oh man, I've been trapped in Control Freak Stage for a couple of weeks now. You know, thinking my writing is awful, that I've forgotten how to write, etc. But I think I'm starting to come out of it, which is good. :D

    How did you create that Spotify playlist on your blog? I had no idea it could even be done...

    1. Hello, Caitlin! Nice to meet you!

      I hear ya, on the Control Freak Stage! Good luck and I hope it all turns out good!

      I just right-clicked on the playlist I wanted to embed from my spotify, and selected 'copy embed code'. Then in blogger under 'add gadget' added html .. pasted what I'd copied from spotify.. and POOF! So easy! :)



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