Saturday, May 11, 2013

Taking a few weeks off...

I have had a few things going on lately, and have come to realize that I may have a few too many things on my plate... so I'm trimming back temporarily.

I have my WIP to polish, and a Query letter to perfect and send out (July is my goal, here), and personal things that need a little extra attention. 

Shouldn't be more than a few weeks... hope to have good news when I return! ;) 

Happy Writing!


  1. I hope your break is productive and you don't miss blogging too much. See ya when you get back. =o)

  2. Take your time, Casey. I totally understand. I just came off a time where I was transitioning into a new job (11-12 hour days) and trying to wrap up the post-production on my latest novel at the same time. It's tough! We're all just a little bit crazy, aren't we? ;)
    Best of luck with everything.


    1. I really appreciate that, Jimmy. :) I'm going through a lot of that job/novel stuff, myself... yes, I think crazy helps. Lol!



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