Friday, October 18, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013!!!

I have a lot on my plate... and I'm in edits on my WIP.... but you know what?

 Screw it!

I love NaNoWriMo!  I'm going to do it!

I may not finish.  I may regret it.  But the idea of letting this November pass me by without immersing myself in the creative abandon that I enjoy so much just makes me sad... so I'm going for it baby!

I'll edit my work in the mornings and make my night time the play ground for my NaNo-ing. 




Hell yes. :D

I love writing.  That is all. 


Saturday, October 12, 2013

What a crazy year...

Ahhh.... another inadvertent absence in my blogging.  I'm terribly sorry to just bail like that!  Life has really been... um... interesting.  (In a scary and awesome way.)

I have always taken a long beat to think before sharing too much personal stuff here, since this is a blog about writing... but you know what?  This is a blog about balancing crazy ol' life with trying to launch a writing career while working full time and having a healthy personal life.  So... yeah, okay... I can share a bit more... :)

 I hope that I don't bore you with this. *wink*

What a whirlwind of a year!

Just a quick recap:

 I had surgery with a longer recovery time than I'd hoped for, which really screwed up my running routine more than I could have expected (with an unsavory side effect of a little weight gain).

 A family member broke an important bone and needed to move in for a few months. 

 My company shut it's doors forever forcing me to find, not only a new job, but a new career. 

 I researched, dotted my i's and crossed my t's and launched my own business.  (Which I love!)

 I have started a writing group that meets every weekend with a friend and fellow writer from another town.

My 12 year old puppy, Abby, had an impromptu paw problem and needed taken to the vet for a semi-traumatic procedure and cauterization.

She cried. I cried. :(

 She's fine, and actually has eaten quite well since we got home an hour ago.

And I have one more piece of really exciting news that I cannot yet share... but stay tuned!! :D  It's really good.

My point? 

Life happens.  It's crazy, and messy and there is always one more thing.  Timing is never perfect.  There is always a reason to put aside writing.  And that is one way to go... but I feel that no matter how crazy and hectic life gets... as long as I take a tiny bit of time... even if its just a half hour or and hour... I'm making progress. 

Just because I haven't met my really tight deadline for publication, doesn't mean I'm not working towards it and making progress. 

I will not be too hard on myself anymore.  AND I will not give up.  I've said it before... I'll say it again... tortoise and the hare baby!

I actually take great joy and comfort in the moments when I am done with my day, or my day has yet to begin, and I can steal a few moments to go into my office and work on re-polishing my WIP. 

I do miss blogging, and I hope to be able to return to my weekend posts... I feel like in some ways the dust is starting to settle... but in others... the dust is just beginning to get kicked up.   But no matter what happens, I hope to take it all in stride, and be the best version of myself that I can be. (and maybe encourage others in the process.)

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