Sunday, February 24, 2013

In the thick of writing...

Another busy week has come and gone... how fast the time goes when we have high hopes for our goals! 

This Sunday finds me hunkered in my office, heater cranked to 75 degrees *my feet are cold*, my story binder and laptop close at hand.  Empty Diet Coke cans litter my desk and office trash can.  Crumpled scraps of paper here and there with snippets of dialogue and character notes. 

Classic rock plays softly on my mp3 player, old songs like Back in Black and Hot Blooded, peppered with newer selections such as Muse...

A wood wick candle burning on my end table.  Ebony Glow...smells like a wood burning fire place... a nice accompaniment to my flame heater.

I am still behind.   But I am still writing.  And I am still loving it.

See you next week...

Happy Writing.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still typing away...

This week has been spotted with obstacles. 

First, the treadmill was non-operational for two days, and needed serviced. *that made me surprisingly tense* 

Then, I had a sleepless night, resulting in two days of zombie-like functionality *I'm kinda thinking this is the treadmill's fault, too*.  (plus, a co-worker brought cup cakes that day! yummo.)

And finally, I had a change in my regular work partner... that always takes me a while to switch gears. *people are so different, yo*

But there were good obstacles, too... like *ahem* Valentine's Day. ;)

I am not complaining, understand.  I am simply acknowledging that I have let this week set me back in my writing.  It's easy to do, and once you start, it is a slippery slope.  So, today, once the baking and cleaning is done, I am locking myself in my office.  The good news, is that through all the different distractions this week, my story has been yammering on to me... that elusive character has found her nagging voice, and we have come to an understanding... I have dreamt  of new scenes, and my subconscious has been working overtime in my absence... I have high hopes for tonight and all day tomorrow. :)

How are you guys doing in all of your goals?

(P.S.  Happy Writing, Friends!)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

That Elusive Character…



We’ve all had one.   That character who’s voice you just can’t find.

Well… I’ve met mine.

I knew I needed this character.  She has been in the story since the original idea, but I just couldn't SEE her.  Couldn't HEAR her. 

She was eluding me… her creator… and I thought: how fitting.  You see, she is a deceptive character by nature.  She lies and manipulates everyone in her life… why should I be any different.

I have written her into several key scenes of my WIP, but she is still a blur.  Does this ever happen to you?

Writing stories is like an infinite puzzle, or Rubik’s Cube, to be solved.  Ever a challenge.  I love it.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Don’t forget… writing is fun!


With all this talk of schedules, goals, and outlines… it is easy to forget that writing should be fun.  Why would you do it, if you didn’t love it, right?  Another lesson that I’ve learned, is don’t get so bogged down in deadlines and plans, that you forget to enjoy the journey that your story is taking you on. 

Writing is fun!

Getting lost in the story and characters in your world is a gift.  Sometimes when we worry too much about hitting word count, we are missing the bigger picture, and short changing our project.

I was down for the count a couple of days this week with the flu, and I gave myself permission to call in sick on these days.  No word count worries.  Yeah. I was that sick.

Well, a funny thing happened.

I didn’t worry about my word count.  I just wrote for fun.  I could have watched T.V. or read, but even sick, I chose my story.  It was actually my first choice.  I just ‘played’ with it.  It was quite fun. :)

I don’t know for sure, but I think I may have surpassed my word count goals even with out trying! (I stubbornly refused to look, because I’d called in sick. LOL)

Goals are so important!  But so is enjoying the process. 

Ah, balance… you are so tricky to master. :)

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